Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Does WSOP Help Affiliates? - CAP Forum

I'm curious -- what kind of benefit do poker affiliates really get from the popularity of the World Series of Poker?

As you probably know, just about every prominent online poker site is offering player satellite tournaments and freerolls, or travel packages to the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas. The theory is that affiliates can use these tournaments as tools to pull in more players. And that theory is based on the assumption that players get really excited for this event, and are scouring the Internet for places to qualify.

So what do you think? Does WSOP bring in the traffic and players, or does it have a limited effect on affiliate marketing? Have you even tried to market the event to players, or do you think it's unnecessary?

Greg Tingle comment...

Good question. We've found that the World Series of Poker helps spike traffic, boost some sales, but largely just adds positive buzz and helps generate both industry and news media stories, which are usually for the greater good of poker and igaming. We're a media, publicity and portal development company (with some involvement in specific affiliate programs) so we might see and experience things a little differently to some traditional affiliates. I'm certain some brand so better out of the WSOP than others. For example, Mike Sexton is signed to PartyPoker and is also associated with a number of poker tournaments such as World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour. Because as I understand it Mike is so respected in the industry it's a great thing for PartyGaming's PartyPoker in addition to other poker brands and tournaments he associates himself with. Another side benefit of the WSOP is that I think it can force the hand of online poker brands to update their creative (banners etc). I think I've noticed Virgin Poker, Party Poker, PKR and Doyle's taking advantage of the WSOP to incorporate into some of their banners. The WSOP might also facilitate more travel and tourism packages into Las Vegas and some affiliates might do well to pro actively promote airline booking, accommodation and the like associated with poker tournaments in Las Vegas and the like. Centrebet had a promo for the Aussie Millions in Melbourne, Australia - Crown Casino which I understand was pretty successful with players based outside Australia. Blogging about these happenings might also have a number of additional benefits for affiliates such as improving search engine rankings and gaining stronger industry reputation. Good on CAP for raising this question as I've sometimes pondered the benefits of WSOP for igaming entrepreneurs and gaming affiliates. Maybe the wisdom of numbers method on the CAP forums may help us get to the bottom of this. I think it can only be a positive however some elements are difficult to measure. (Credit: CAP)
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